Corporate Design: International Safety Systems Inc.

Product Catalogue

ISS Product Catalogue
ISS Product Catalogue
Modified pre-existing design and extensively edited content to create a more streamlined, consistently formatted, and aesthetically pleasing publication. Implemented a more modern, eye-catching cover design featuring an original illustration to positively set the printed issue apart form competing publications.

Printed in December 2007. PDF version was previously available on teh company website.

Company Forms

credit application 1
Customer credit application (page 1)
credit application 2
Customer credit application (page 2)
harness inspection
Harness safety inspection
work order form 1
Service work order form (page 1)
work order form 2
Service work order form (page 1)
Corporate branded forms created with company image in mind. Adobe Reader-enabled to expand usability of forms for company staff as well as customers. Select forms available on company website in PDF format. (above forms utilize the 2013 logo)

Corporate Icons

instrumentation icon
eye & face icon
eye and face
head icon
head protection
hearing icon
hearing protection
hand icon
hand protection
respirator icon
respirator masks
supplied air icon
supplied air respirators
fall icon
fall protection
hazard icon
hazard control
first aid icon
first aid
fire icon
fire protection
industrial icon
industrial products
Corporate icons used on company website, in product catalogue, and in various marketing materials to indicate product and service categories.

Vehicle Wrap

ISS vehicle wrap design
ISS vehicle wrap in-use photos
Vehicle wrap design and photos of the final wrap on a delivery van. The eye-catching design features keywords related to the product and service offering of the company, with a hierarchy dictated by type size to encourage reading of the most important information first.
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