Corporate Design: Thornhill Employment Hub

Promotional Brochure

Thornhill Hub Brochure A
Brochure Side A
Thornhill Hub Brochure B
Brochure Side B
Promotional brochure created to strengthen company image and increase visibility as an employment resource centre for job seekers as well as potential employers. Also available in PDF format for digital distribution. Printed brochure uses a Z shaped fold so that the rightmost panel of side A and the green field with the word "employment" are visible when folded. Trimmed sheet size, when flat, is 8.5" x 11".

Tradeshow Banners

Thornhill Hub Apprenticeship Banner
Thornhill Hub Job Seeker Banner
Job Seekers

Tradeshow banners created for display in the Thornhill Hub business location and at events. A total of four banners were designed to be cohesive when displayed together, but also unique enough to stand alone.

Both banners shown utilize vector stock imagery that was cleaned up before going to press. The apprenticeship banner illustration was further modified to change one of the figures to a female, in order to show more diversity.

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